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Everything You Need To Know About Kanza IT Solutions!

Kanza IT solutions is digital marketing agency have duly emerged as one of the most successful marketing company operating on a global scale. Kanza is primarily recognized for taking the marketing industry to new heights by establishing itself in several major technical corners of the world. Besides software, it has also evolved in consultation and implementation, and various other services attached to SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, PPC Services, Website Designing and Digital Marketing. Inaugurated in the year 2016 it has to date proven itself majestically in the field of umpteenth competition.

The main company of Kanza IT is recognized as Emsoftware Solutions which was founded in the year 2009 in Bangalore, India. Though started as a small startup, it has ventured its way to success with the help of an exceptionally hardworking team. Garnering praiseworthy knowledge in the field of software and digital marketing, it has earned almost 10 years of commendable experience in SEO and Software projects. During the period of which, it had spread its wings and reached for international countries like India, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United States, Malaysia, Canada, Belgium and many more.

Hence, let us acknowledge the glorious achievement of Kanza and EM Software together and acknowledge the stunning services they are providing us with:



A digital marketing company involves thorough preaching and campaigning on the various social media platforms available


Social media platforms are used by almost everyone facilitated with an internet connection which has made SMM a very effective tool for digital marketing

PPC Management

The best PPC marketing companies know the trick to excel in this field and can call for instant traffic by using relevant keywords based on research.


Taking into consideration the jaw-dropping growth of website designing and the impact it has been creating in the IT sectors


Web Applications are dynamic web sites combined with server side programming which provide functionalities such as interacting with users


Besides the very common retailing, an e-commerce website is specific for many other niches such as online music portals, consultancy and businesses

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